Friday, January 13, 2017

Getting ready to ride...

I'm making progress on my Miss Fisher inspired jodhpurs.  I need to do a bunch of hand-sewing of little things like the belt loops and facings, and then I need to do the buttons and buttonholes  -- and I'm done!

It's a pretty nice, well-fitting pattern.  Often, with the big commercial patterns. there is just oceans of ease but this pattern actually runs true to size.

Because I live in Southern California I made my jodhpurs out of cotton twill and ultra-suede so they would be both cool and washable. But if you wanted to be more historically accurate you could use wool twill and real suede.

The hip flares could even be larger if you want. Many of the photos I found of ladies in riding habits in the 1920s had even more of a flare on the sides. Also most of the 20s examples I found had two small diagonal pockets in front instead of the straight across ones hidden in the waistband seam of this pattern.

Nevertheless they look very close to the ones in Miss fisher.  This pattern actually looks most similar to this 1910s era pair of jodhpurs and this 1920s pair.  Because jodhpurs didn't change all that much in the early part of the 20th century, if I'm not too picky about historical accuracy, I think I could get away with wearing these from the 1910s to the 1930s if I just switched out different jackets, shirts, hair and hats!

Meryl Streep in Out of Africa
Madame d'Ora 1926
Jack, Janet and Jackie Bouvier 1930

Into jodhpurs?  Check out this article on the Pattern Vault blog for a nice overview of equestrian wear patterns in the 20th century and this pinterest link for more historic pictures of jodhpurs.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Costumes from Beauty and the Beast

I took my son to see a movie at the Arclight in Pasadena this weekend.  Like many of the Arclight theaters they often have little displays of props or costumes.  I'd only seen a few stills from the new live action Beauty and the Beast but they were all of the title characters, I hadn't seen any of the supporting cast, so I was excited to see these up close.

I apologize for the glare but I thought these were worth getting a few shots of in case anyone want's to cosplay them.

First off, that shiny dandy, Lumiere

Then the oh so floofy Plumette.

 And the rather majestic Cogsworth

Monday, January 9, 2017

Pants are weird

Most other costume bits look like what they're going to be pretty early on, but pants?  They's WEIRD. And very origami-esque in that there are always parts that seem nonsensical until the very end and then, voila, pants!

Anyway, I've decided I need more Miss Fisher pieces in my wardrobe so I started in on those Butterick  jodhpurs I posted about.  And I'm making good progress. I think it's a pretty good pattern. It looks relatively accurate, from what little I know of such things, and has a lot of nice tailored details that should make them look extra snappy when finished.

If I fold all the funky bits aside you can see how the front will look (sans buttons.)  I dig those little hidden-in-the-crack pockets.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Nostromo uniform from the movie Alien

Ash from the movie Alien
One of the big projects at our house in 2016 was for Halloween.  Halloween is our high holy day and most of the family gets involved.  This year we were all crazed for Alien.

So while my husband worked tirelessly on a 3D printed version of Ripley's flamethrower for me I  modded some existing clothes to make him Ash's Nostromo Uniform.

I started out with this white shirt and these white pants:


With much help from the folks on the Replica Prop Forum's Nostromo Uniform forum I found enough reference material to get started modding.  First I dyed them both light blue.  I initially used a diluted liquid version of Rit's aqua but it was a little swimming pool for our taste.  So I re-dyed it with a very watered down version of Rit's liquid royal blue die.

Then I cut the sleeves off the shirt, Ash's shirt is short sleeved, and used the excess fabric to fabricate the pockets, pen loops, pocket flaps and patches the uniform has and piped the collar and pocket flaps me pink piping.  There wasn't much left by the time I was finished!

The blue is really more like the pic below but this pic shows just how modded they are
Ready to fling his 3d printed face hugger at me

I'd actually bought two pairs of painters pants, there were so many extra pockets on the uniform pants I figured I could use one pair for the fabric I'd need.  Good thing too, I used nearly all of it!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Butterick's "Miss Fisher" pattern

I've got some nice houndstooth wool in the stash from a sale while back and I was eyeing the new Butterick "Miss Fisher" pattern and thinking it might be fun to make a jacket out of it with some khaki colored jodphurs similar to the original.

Original left and the Butterick pattern right


Anyway, I realized you could use the exact same Butterick pattern to make the jacket for this Miss Fisher suit!  Check out the link for a high res version and you'll see they are very similar.  Add a vintage fur (or faux) collar and voila!


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A new year!

I can't believe it was August since I posted last!  Howembarrassing!  In my defence, right after that last Costume College post my computer died.  And we spent a long time trying to figure out what to get as a replacement, trying to restore back ups, etc.  And to this day I STILL do not have all my photos transferred to the new computer.  Sigh.

Anyway, it was a stumbling block in the way of my posting and then the holidays get the idea.  All this to say I'm back and will try to play catch up with the end of the years costume activities.  And maybe one day I'll get all my old 2016 Costume College photos up.  :/

Friday, August 26, 2016

Costume College part 4 - The Friday Night Social

Me and Diana in late 18th C

I didn't take nearly as many photos at the Social as I'm meant to and there was a reason for this...

You know how some costumes just fight you every step of the way?  The LACMA redingote was one of those.  Ugh.  I love the idea, I even like how it turned out, but by the time I was done making it I was just not very happy with it any more because of all the grief it had given me.

Just before the social, when I finally put it on for the first time, I realized I needed to move all the hooks over a bit because it was uncomfortably tight.  So, needless to say, I was a bit frazzled when I arrived!

Sometime, when my ire towards it has cooled, I need to take some more photos of the redingote and do a proper entry on it.

The theme for the social this year was Circus and many embraced it, there were many clowns and stripes and ringmasters, but, as always, many wore what they felt like wearing.  Here's just a sampling of the fabulousness of the evening:

Leimomi and Merja 
Aubry's pretty late 18th Century ensemble
Victorian Wednesday!

Kim's Brotherhood of the Wolf Riding Habit 

Bustle Prizes

Aristo vs Revolutionary!
Twila's Lolita Pippi Longstocking