Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

I hope you all have a wonderfully spooky time filled with costumed fun!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Bits and Bobs

Thanks to Maggie of the Costumer's Guide for the heads up on this new Star Wars Costumes Book.  It covers the original movies with all the depth we could have wished for when they were first released.

Only concept art is floating around at the moment but word is out that a whole host of new Marvel movies are in the works for the coming years, so there are sure to be some fantastic new costumes for future Halloweens.

The Pragmatic Costumer has a useful new post up on using a basic Simplicity costume pattern as a block to produce costumes for a wide range of periods.

Just in time for Halloween A Most Beguiling Accomplishment has a great post up on the history of mourning.

This website has a great gallery of   Day of the Dead make up  ideas for anyone planning on attending any Dia de los Muertos festivities on Saturday.

If you're over Halloween and already making plans for the winter holidays you might get a kick out of A Damsel in This Dress.  She has reproduced a gorgeous 1876 costume for a Victorian Ice Skating party and includes lots of great construction details.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Right after we finished watching Breaking Bad this summer big H declared his intention of going as Walter White's alter ego Heisenberg for Halloween and started growing out his beard.

 We slowly collected clothing pieces for him with the help of Walt's Wardrobe, a handy chart of every outfit Walt wears.  H already had a blue shirt and on the 'net we found the the screen accurate hat, jacket and shoes.  He wasn't sure he wanted to dye his beard so we masked off his face with masking tape, held is nose closed and used spray-in hair color in brown (the same we used for C's 10th Doctor) and then he shaved his head.

 It was so successful that when we arrived at the party he caused quite a sensation.


 I got a cheap hazmat suit, goggles and respirator off ebay and went as Jessie thinking it was the best option for covering my surgery boots, not the most flattering costume but actually very fun to wear in conjunction with Heisenberg.  Hilariously enough, given all the multilayered historic costumes I've worn, the tyvek hazmat suit wins as hottest costume ever.

 Don't mess with us!


Yo, Mr. White!   Jesse!!!

 And here's one last pic of the whole gang, with my 13 yr old reprising his Jake costume (from Adventuretime)

What are your plans for Halloween?

Monday, October 27, 2014

The 10th Doctor

The big costumes in our family this Halloween were for C and my husband.  Yesterday we went to a party and got to do a trial run for them both.  

First up - C's 10th Doctor.  He really wanted to be the 10th Doctor for Halloween and had asked for one thing only for this birthday (which was last week) - the brown coat 10 wears.  So we got him a knock off from one of the cosplay stores on ebay.  That, paired with the blue boys suit he had, and he was nearly there.  He spent Saturday making a psychic paper prop out of an old wallet and had me style his hair with hair paste and brown hairspray.  The kid values accuracy!  I think it all turned out amazingly well.

Sonic in action
Psychic paper

So grown up!

There is a bit of a timey wimey thing happening here were I can see a glimpse of the man he will become that makes this Mama's heart rather full.  He's looking forward to wearing it all again on Halloween, his Doctor Who themed birthday and at Gallifrey One.

Can you tell he's excited?