Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fancy dress and breeches - Finished!

So I finally finished the fancy dress costume. I ended up not wearing my underskirt with it at it's premiere event, it was just so hot and the overskirt was poofy enough without it. I really should take some better pics of it on me or my mannequin but this will have to do for now...hopefully I can get some better pics when I wear it at the Gala at Costume College.  I really enjoyed wearing it, I think my favorite part is the bicorn though!  I might have to make one or two more of them for other costumes.

I also finished my husband's breeches, worn here with a frock coat I purchased on etsy and a waistcoat I made.  I have enough fabric  to make another frock to match the breeches, maybe sometime this winter.  I also have cut out another waistcoat to go with this frock and the new breeches, it's all about mix and match to save on closet space!