Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Women War Correspondents in WWII

This is the uniform I'll repro
So I decided I wanted some Girl Power in my costumes at Costume College this year and one of the ideas I've come up with is a cosplay of a woman I've been fascinated with for a long time - photographer Lee Miller.

She was a muse, model and protégé of Man Ray in the 20s, traveled to Egypt in the 30s and became a photojournalist in the 1940s.  While with the troops she photographed the first use of napalm, and took harrowing photos of Dachau.  I've been reading a lot about her and other women war correspondents during WWII.

And they are all so AMAZING!

Sigrid Schultz I knew about from reading In the Garden of Beasts (which I HIGHLY recommend ) but still, I hadn't heard all these stories until now.  She was Chicago Tribune German Bureau Chief - first female bureau chief maybe in the WORLD!  She met Hitler numerous times and tried to warn people about what was coming!  Goering hated her so much he called her "The Dragon from Chicago!"  She lived in Berlin for a long time writing about the Nazis rise to power under a male pseudonym.  Someone seriously needs to make a movie of her life...

Dickey Chappell is another amazing one.  And this photo of her could be on a poster with the heading "Inspiration!"

She got accepted to MIT at age 16!  She covered the Pacific theater in WWII!  She jumped out of planes with paratroopers!  She was imprisoned for 2 months in solitary confinement by Hungarian Secret Police!  She went with the Marines to Viet Nam...where she tragically loses her life and became the first female correspondent to die in action.  I haven't read it yet but she wrote What's a Woman Doing Here?  A Combat Reporter's Report on Herself, and you can see some of her photos here.

Then there was Martha Gelhorn.  Celebrated journalist, novelist and briefly wife of Hemmingway.  Before WWII she worked with photographer Dorthea Lange chronicling poverty during the depression.  On D-Day she stowed away on a hospital ship, she rode along with British pilots during bombing runs of Germany and chronicled the liberation of Dachau.

And there are so many other amazing women.  If you want to read more about them you might want to check out The Women Who Wrote the War.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Doctor Who costumes for Gallifrey One

Every year our family goes to the Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One. For a few years now the 13 year old has gone as the 10th doctor, I've been as the 5th -- and usually the 16 year old goes as the 11th.

But this year, at the last minute, he wanted to change it up and go as the 2nd Doctor.  I took a look at the costume and thought I could probably put something together that worked reasonably well despite only having a few days.

I found these plaid pants on Amazon for $35.  We went to Goodwill and bought a blue shirt with a slightly oversized collar for $1.50 and a black blazer for $5. He used an old bow tie of my husband's and I used a scrap of polkadot quilting cotton to make his handkerchief .

We had an old recorder that I masked off with tape then spray-painted a spiral on and added a tassel to.

He's got bad feet so I didn't even try deal with shoes.  I tried to style his hair somewhat a la 2, straightening his naturally very wavy hair with the flat iron, but given we'd had torrential rain ir frizzed back up pretty quickly and since we had to walk from a nearby hotel to the con I didn't want to risk spray in black hair color.

All in all we were pretty happy with it and our fellow Whovians all knew who he was and even asked him to be in pictures with them which really made him happy.  And he was particularly psyched to get a photo with one of his favorite companions, Romana aka the ever so charming Lalla Ward!

We had fun posing with the Tardis and the various backdrops too

As usual there were a lot of amazing costumes at the con but my favorite by far were these crossover costumes:
The Force Awakens Rey/ 4th Doctor

Han Solo/11th Dcotor and Slave Leia/Tardis
And my favorite crossover of all:  Clueless/ Doctor Who!   With 11th Doctor, 10th Doctor and 12th Doctor.  Check out their TARDIS cellphones and pompom sonic screwdrivers!!