Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The loot

So yeah, I got some pretty sweet loot while shopping with friends in the Garment District the other day.  Home Fabrics has a well known $5/yd silk taffeta section for their bolt ends where I found 6 yards of the perfect glowing coppery silk to do the side panels on the Cersei Aqua dress.  I also found 3+ yards of this cool aqua shot with copper micro striped silk that I may use with some of the other fabric on something else, they looked too well together to resist!

Unfortunately it doesn't photograph all that well, it really glows in real life!
I just happened across this amazing beaded lace straight out of the Little Mermaid's Couture collection, if she had one.  I made a Victorian "water" themed fancy dress once upon a time and I'm thinking I may need to re-trim it with some of this blingy sequined "seaweed."

This too is better in real life, all ethereal and sparkly, oh well.
I also found some killer red sequined fabrics for this year's Myth Masque outfit.  Not too much info for how but I think it's going to be pretty fab.  ;)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Edwardian Ball 2014

Life has been pretty crazy for a few months now, and I'm sorry to say, not in a good way.  Needless to say it's been harder than ever to squeeze sewing in.  As a result I didn't make anything new for the Edwardian Ball (which I should tell you actually has an Edward Gorey theme, not Edwardian theme, hence the more fantasy Victorian/Edwardian/1920s costumes) This year I wore my "Irene Adler"  pink outfit from the first Sherlock Homes movie.  I figured the pink would be a bit more visible in the dark than my other black outfits and that it would go well with my husband's brown striped sack suit and bowler, which seemed a little "Watson" like to me. 

 I'd only ever worn this to Costume College, so it was nice to give it another outing but I have to admit, I think I probably would have done better to wear the "black bird" or my Krampus outfit - people really went all out on the "wow" fantasy costumes this year!  I had the rare-for-me feeling that I was under dressed!

There was the main floor downstairs with a large theater and a rooftop area with DJs and a midway  - see the knock-down Gashleycrumb Tinies?  There were lots of other Gorey-esque props around too.

Stripes, spirals and black seemed to be the order of the day.  Even the DJs were dapper!

 There were clowns, military men, pirates and horned ladies.

 There were crazy costumes of all kinds, this guy with a puppet robot was one of my favorites

 And there were acrobats and clowns performing amidst the audience. 

We mostly stayed on the roof dancing with the crowd until the wee hours of the night to a crazy mix of cabaret music and EDM.

Monday, February 10, 2014

HSF #1 Make do and Mend: Cotton/silk blend 1790s open robe

While I really enjoyed participating in the Historical Sew Fortnightly last year, trying to make all the deadlines amidst all my other sewing projects stressed me out a bit.  So this year I've decided to take a more laid back approach and just fit them in when they align with my other projects, which means I may always be running late!  :P

I'd been wanting to remake an old 18th C gown to something a little more Regency for a while now and this frock was the prime candidate:

From Costume College 2008
 First of all, while I adore this fabric I was never really satisfied with how this gown looked on me.  Secondly it's the perfect shade of yellow to match my bright yellow Regency gown.  And third,  the last time I wore it a lady stepped on my train and ripped out a significant amount of the back of the skirt stitches (with no apology!)...I guess she saved me having to rip out the whole skirt myself.  :P

I cut down the back bodice, used part of the skirts to cut a new bodice front and new sleeves (I would have cut down the old or just had long sleeves but they were too tight on me)  and cut a new lining.  This left only a handful of scraps but if I decide to further remake it some day it will have to be something even smaller!

I took inspiration from some of my favorite Regency fashions:  The yellow in this gown seemed very similar in hue to my stripes, as did this one - and it's an open robe with short sleeves!  But this one was the one that I was really looking to in terms of shape.

The Challenge: Make do and Mend: remaking a late 18th Century gown to a Regency style
Fabric: A white and yellow satin-striped cotton and silk blend
Pattern: None
Notions: beaded and sequined trim, hooks and bars, thread
How historically accurate is it? On the one hand remaking 18th C gowns to fit the new Empire lines is a very period thing to do.  On the other hand I did it all by machine save the hemming.  ;)
Hours to complete: about 3 days
First worn: Not yet, maybe at Costume College?
Total cost: Free!