Monday, September 30, 2013

The Costume College haul

I just remembered I forgot one important part in the Coco wrap up - the haul! Actually there was much less shopping this year compared to past years, in large part because Mela wasn't selling hats this time. But I did manage to pick up some great buttons - little silver stars and other silver ones with a sort of pimpernel flower on them. I also got some fun rainbow-y trim.

The blond curl in the photo is from Judy and AJs hairpiece class, while it's my first attempt I can see many more pieces in my future. The pearl necklace and earrings are from the Cavalier necklace class I took, it's not perfect but at least I have the rudiments of knotting down now.

Best of all my friend Alyxx made me an amazing muff cover with a crow on it for my birthday and also gave me some very pretty black silk with white flowers, thanks again Alyxx!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

What's next?

So why the radio silence you may ask...part of the answer lies in the fact that I desperately need to clean the hobby room and until I day not much is going to get done.

As far as upcoming projects the next thing on the docket is a new gown or jacket out of this fabric:

IMG_9854 I made this gown back in 2008 and while I still love it I want something without long sleeves and maybe a slightly different look to add to my 18th C mix and match wardrobe. (Plus when paired with the flowered headdress I think it would be perfect fabric for the 18th C day of the dead costume I've been wanting to do!) Other than that I've been wanting to make a new Regency gown (or two) and have some more 18th C and Bustle ideas up my sleeve. And there are a few ufos like the Tissot gown I'd really like to finish. I'd also love to make something for the HSF Green color challenge but I'm not sure I can do it given the time constraints.