Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Do you ever get costumer's ADD and have a bunch of ideas/project going at once?  I seem to fall prey to this at the beginning of the year nearly every year.  I think of all the events I want to go to and what I want to wear to them and get all fired up and want to ...

Current projects in various states of completion:

New Redingote a la the LACMA one - muslin cut and sewn and modified.

Regency Spencer a la Queen Louise of Prussia - lining put together, fashion fabric partly put together, striped lapels in progress.

A bustle ballgown ensemble using bits from an old outfit and some left over fabric - need to hem underskirt, attach ruffle to bustle apron, trim bodice

A plaid wool Outlander-inspired 18th C petticoat - need to fix pleats since waist is too large then hem.

A navy wool petticoat for the Fox riding habit - need to add ties and hem.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Jane Austen Evening

Wow, I thought I'd posted about this ages ago, but I guess I didn't!  :P

So in January I went to the Jane Austen Evening tea and ball and I had SUCH fun. So many friends there, and there was so much dancing and so much silliness. It was awesome.

I managed to finish my new ballgown by the skin of my teeth and  I'm very happy with it, it's a very, very light sari, nice for dancing in because it's so cool and floaty.

Some friends came over and we drank a glass of champagne while we got ready then we set off for the tea. There was much chatting and eating of yummy tea sandwiches and sweets and drinking of copious cups of tea.  Then the gents rolled the tables away while we ladies changed into our ballgowns and got ready for the ball.

In my case this just meant leaving off my spencer and hat and putting on gloves, and voila, done!

At the ball we were joined by many friends there there was always someone to talk to or dance with. Plus they all looked FABULOUS! 

Crystal and Aimee were in lovely jewel tones  
Veronica in late 18th C stripes 
Alyxx looking regal in black
my fellow blond Amy, I love her hair!
Dan'a's pretty aqua open robe 
Twila's gorgeous sherbet ensemble
Katherine's pretty and pink twirly ribbon gown!
I danced with my girlfriends and several gents even asked me to dance, which was nice.  I danced a record NINE dances you guys!  The dance classes I took beforehand REALLY helped.  Most of the time I knew what was going on and I was gratified to see that sometimes even the experienced dancers didn't know what came next. 

 My cheat sheet
Athene dancing so gracefully in her white gown and Turkish vest 
The View from the Gallery

You can see all my photos here on flickr.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Historical Sew Monthly #1- Procrastination: Regency Ballgown

I actually finished this on January 23, just in the nick of time for the Jane Austen Evening Tea and Ball, but I hadn't gotten around to blogging about it until now.  How fitting for the Historical Sew Monthly's Procrastination Challenge!

The procrastination part is twofold, I had the fabric in the stash for quite some time before cutting it...and then I partially cut it out and abandoned it!  Once I started back on it I realized why.  Because I'm tall I can't use it selvage to selvage and have the sari trim be hem decoration.  It would be way too short.  So I had to cut the skirt lengths from the middle then cut off both decorated sides and had to painstakingly frankenstein them together into one long piece of trim.  It was a PAIN IN THE BUTT.  But I'm happy with how it turned out, it is short enough to dance it, very flowy and pretty and cool because the fabric is light.

The Challenge: Procrastination
Fabric: Gold embroidered silk sari from the stash
Pattern:  A modified version of the Folkwear Empire Pattern
Year: 1800-1810
Notions: Thread, hooks and eyes, narrow gold cord from the stash for the neckline drawstring.
How historically accurate is it?  Machine sewn but relatively accurate pattern.
Hours to complete:  Hard to say since it was worked on periodically for quite some time.
First worn: to the Jane Austen Evening
Total cost: Unsure since it marinated in the stash for a long time.