Light Up Wand Tutorial - the EZ version

Quick and Dirty No Soldering Light Up Wands!

While working on another light up prop (which I'll blog about later) I ran across some little battery operated fairy lights I'd bought a while back and had the idea that these might be a way for someone who didn't want to deal with soldering to make a light up wand.  I really like these for costumes and props because they are cheap ($11 for 6 on Amazon), bright, and the battery packs are tiny.

* Fairy lights with attached battery pack and switch (note, batteries were included with mine)
* Masking tape
* Hot glue and glue gun
* Chopstick or other long stick
* Very thin fun foam (optional)
* Black spray paint
* Brown and iridescent/interference acrylic paints (optional)
* Mod Podge spray clear gloss

It turns out that these fairy lights can be cut anywhere along the line and still work!  So I cut off all but the last 4 LEDs of the set and wrapped the wires around each other until I got one rather large glowing lighty bit.

Then I hot glued my chopstick to the battery pack and wrapped the wires around it leaving the lighty bit at the tip of the chopstick. 

 I wanted to try out a rougher, more rustic style wand, like something Hagrid might have, so I hot glued a thin sheet of fun foam around the chopstick and made a sort of handle our of fun foam where the battery pack was.  I put a glob of hot glue on the lighty bit so that it would be fused together then made some designs along the length of the wand with hot glue.  Finally I painted it by first masking off the tip of the wand then coating it with black spray paint, being careful not to cover the switch.  

Finally I dry brushed different shades of brown over the black and then a light dry brush of interference paint once the brown was dry.  I coated the entire thing with Mod Podge clear gloss to seal and protect the pain.

This wand is significantly brighter than the flickering LED wands and while my example is white light you can buy these fairy lights in many other colors.  But I must say, I really love the flicking effect of the other wands, so while they are quite a bit more laborious I think the result is more magical.  You can click here for the tutorial on the flickering wands.  Below you can see a video of the flickering LED wands (left and middle) and the fairy light version (right.)  What so you think?


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