Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Busy Season

Now that the costumers' high holy days are almost upon us things have gotten busy sewing wise!  Before Halloween I need to: make a little red ridinghood for my niece, finish my son's Sonic the Hedgehog costume, make a vest for my husband and make a bustle gown for me - whew!  Some of these, like the vest, finishing the bomb bird and the tiny red ridinghood, should be pretty easy.

But I've got a relatively big project on my plate with the gown.  I'm doing a sort of repro of the Sweeney Todd "By the Sea" red and white bustle gown.  (BTW a big shout out for The Costumers Guide to Movie Costumes, I couldn't have done this, or many other of my movie repros without it!)   I want to use mostly stash for this so I'm not going to super accuracy, my fabric isn't sheer and the stripes are too narrow, but I'm hoping those who are Sweeney/Burton fans we see it as an homage.  I'm using several Truly Victorian patterns as the base for this - the Grand Parlor Skirt and the 1872 vest basque, both of which I've made before.  I'm changed the sleeves and the bodice of the basque fairly significantly but it was the closest thing to a Victorian block I could use.  The Grand Parlor Skirt will be actually as is just with flounced trim added to it.  I've got the base skirt done and I've nearly finished the sleeves.  The bodice mock up is done and the fashion fabric is cut.  But I'll need to make a run to the fabric district for a bit of  trim.  The fabric is a red and white striped shantung I think I got a exclusive silks.  I got miles of it so I know I'll have enough for the bias flounces on the skirt and I'm hoping there's enough for something else later like maybe the little striped spencer from Bright Star or an alternate bodice for the dress.  Anyway, here's what I've got so far:

Bomb Bird

So little H's Bomb Bird costume is now totally finished, yay!  It's a super warm and cozy costume, kinda like wearing a giant snuggie, and he loves the Bomb Bird most of all the Angry Birds, so he's very happy with it.

Sonic the Hedgehog

My younger son is going to be Sonic the hedgehog this year.  After looking at a bunch of rather lame Sonic costumes I decided to make his.  We bought a turtleneck in bright blue and cut the sleeves off and attached Sonic's flesh colored belly and flesh colored sleeves and I made a pair of matching pants but the hard part was the hood.  I used a basic hood pattern from an animal Halloween costume pattern then added the spikes. 

I need to put the snaps on the chinstraps of C's Sonic the Hedgehog hood then it's done!  These pics look kinda lame but it actually turned out pretty well.  I'm going to put white make up around C's eyes and black make up for a nose and he'll be set.