A Regency Chemisette

From the movie Bright Star
I've been wanting a Regency chemisette for ages now and have just never gotten around to making one.  They are great accessories for changing up the look of a dress.  I've always loved the look of the big, white of the chemisette in Bright Star in conjunction with the more severe lines of her red military-looking spencer so I knew I wanted something similar.

So after finishing my Pashmina spencer in less time than I'd guessed it would take, I thought I would try out my new Swiss organdy and finally make myself a chemisette to help change up the look of an old gown.  I used the Mode Bagatelle chemisette pattern as my base and just changed the front to have a v-neck and a graduated ruffle instead.

There is a drawstring at the bottom of the chemisette and the front just laps over each other.
As I'd hoped the Swiss organdy was delightfully stiff and sheer and perfect for this project!