Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Playing catch up - Halloween!

Wow, December 1st!  I'm dreadfully late, but I thought you might enjoy seeing some Halloween pics. I thought these were pretty cute of my sons as Link from Zelda (with the shield I was making) and the 11th Doctor from Doctor Who respectively.

 My husband and I just reprised our Breaking Bad costumes so I didn't get any pics of us. I guess the adults were just more focused on special effects this year!  My friend Alyxx came over on Halloween and brought her amazing light up Jellyfish and my husband spent a long time making a creepy moving ghost face and hand to scare the trick or treaters.

I hope you had a great Halloween and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Historical Sew Monthly #11: Silver Screen - Daniel Deronda Green Ballgown

The dress before I added the sleeves
I'm  finally breaking my long silence!

Sorry about that. From October through December is a super busy time for us as a family with lots of birthdays and school events and I find I just don't blog as much during this time.

 But I have been sewing!

Some friends invited me to a Victorian Grand Ball to be held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving so I decided at the last minute to make something I'd wanted to make for a while - a Daniel Deronda inspired Ballgown.

There aren't a whole lot of photos of this gown Gwendolyn wears in the BBC Daniel Deronda miniseries, this one below is maybe the most easily found one:

I had a ton of black green changable silk taffeta in the stash for forever and figured this was the perfect opportunity to use it.  I think I had 10 yards and after adding all the ruffles I ended up with about 2 yards left.  Although I do have another green/black silk taffeta in almost the same color so I figure I can use that if I want to make more pieces to mix and match with this outfit.

I wanted it to resemble the gown but not be exactly the same, the neckline trim seems very girlish to me and as a 40-mumble women it seemed a bit much.  So I just trimmed the edge with a narrow black beaded trim and flounces of self fabric on the underskirt and apron.

What the item is: 1870s Ballgown

The Challenge: Silver Screen

What's your onscreen inspiration?: Gwendolyn's green ballgown from the miniseries Daniel Deronda

Fabric: Green/ black changable silk taffeta

Pattern: All Truly Victorian -TV202, TV305 and TV416

Year: 1870s

Notions: thread, glass buttons

How historically accurate is it? Medium

Hours to complete:  I donno, working off and on on it all month.

First worn: to the Grand Victorian Ball yesterday

Total cost: I don't know, this was another project using stash fabric