Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Seaside accessories

I thought I'd post a few pictures of the accessories I wore with the seaside gown since there was some interest in them. I don't recall where I got the bluebell earrings but the cameo has a bit of a story behind it.  I don't remember seeing my grandmother or great grandmother ever wear it but my aunt said she wore it on a velvet ribbon quite a bit in the 70s when the Gunne Sax version of Victoriana was popular. My mother found it amongst my grandmother's things when she died and gave it to me.  She told me that it had belonged to my great-grandmother Laura (who I am sort of named for) who was born in 1895, and it may well have belonged to her mother. Sorry the picture is so blurry, all I had time with was a cruddy iphone pic!

These are the two hairpieces I wore.  The big braids on the bun I added from the jaw-clip switch I'd bought  and the curly part is the remaining big of from the jaw-clip switch that I curled.  You can just barely see the comb at the top.  I used the comb and bobby pins to attach the long curly piece to the bottom of the bun of my own hair, the put the fake bun over the whole thing.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Seaside Finished!

So today the "Seaside" bustle gown had it's debut!  It was a warm day but the breeze off the ocean kept me from getting too hot and the light striped cotton was just the thing for a Victorian stroll along the bluffs above the Pacific.

I wore some tiny bluebell earrings I'd gotten years ago, just because they matched the blue in the dress, and a cameo pendant that had once been my great-grandmother's on a blue velvet ribbon round my neck.  The parasol is an antique I got at the DC "Big Flea" years ago.  It's in very good shape actually and quite sturdy, just a bit stained in a few places.

Since the day before had been scorching and today was also supposed to be hot too I formed a cunning plan to keep cool: after my shower I put my wet hair up in a bun.  My hair dries incredibly slowly so I knew it would help keep my head cool all afternoon - and it did.  Then I put a bun of fake hair over my bun and a long switch of curled hair underneath.

I'd bought one of those cheap long straight switches of hair attached to a jaw clip just for the hair.  It was synthetic but a nice quality and just my color.  I cut off part of the switch, braided it, and added it to the bun to make it even bigger.  The other part I left intact on the wig lace.  But I didn't want straight hair, I wanted curls.  So I rolled the hair up on sponge rollers, put it in the sink and poured boiling water over it followed by cold water.  I took the curlers out and voila - a nice little bunch of curls on a comb!  It made my hair today totally fuss-free!