Friday, October 9, 2015


I'm nearly finished with the waistcoat for Georgiana's  Fox riding habit. All I have left to do are the eyelets on the back and the buttons and buttonholes.  But those will have to wait because I am waiting on the buttons to arrive.  I have no idea if they did this in the 18th century (and I suspect they didn't, but correct me if I'm wrong) but I wanted to get fox faced buttons for the waistcoat.  Modern, and at least some Victorian era, fox hunters often have fox faced buttons on their hunting jackets and waistcoats and I thought it would be yet another fun foxy touch to add to this costume.

The waistcoat is made of a buff colored silk/wool blend, with the back panel in natural linen and the lining in a remnant of tan silk taffeta.  Decadent lining I know, and not something thrifty Georgians would have done, but both wool and linen against my skin make me itch and my riding habit shirt is thin enough that I was afraid I'd be scratching the whole time I wore it.

Once I finish this I'll move on to the habit skirt.  I'm saving the hardest for last - the coat.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A foxy secret

I'm working on something else for Georgiana's Canvassing for Fox ensemble that I'm really excited about.  It uses a fabric I've had in the stash for a long, long time.  A hand-printed reproduction of a real 18th C print I bought from a sutler so long ago I don't even remember who it was!

Tiny fox face!!

It's a very small print in blue ink on off white cotton, I just enlarged it so you could see what it was, it's it fun?

Can you guess what  I might be making?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Historical Sew Monthly: Brown - 18th C silk garters

Historical Sew Monthly: Brown -I had hoped to finish something else for this challenge but life's been busy and my focus costume-wise is all on my Duchess of Devonshire 1784 Fox election ensemble.  So I abruptly switched gears and made these 18th Century garters to go with the Fox outfit.  Amongst the many slogans that you see with Georgiana in the political cartoons of her canvasing for Fox are "Love and Liberty" and "Fox Forever."   Given that there is some evidence that she may have had an affair with Fox I thought those were particularly apt.  And in at least a few of the political cartoons I've seen she is shown wearing garters with "Fox" so I thought it was plausible that she might have actually had garters similar to these.

The Challenge: Brown
Fabric: Tan silk taffeta
Pattern: None
Year: (the year the item represents, not the year you made it) 1784
Notions: Embroidery thread, silk ribbon, thread.
How historically accurate is it? Pretty accurate, accurate materials, hand-sewn embroidery but a wee bit of machine sewing on the sides of the silk.
Hours to complete: 2
First worn: today for pictures!
Total cost: $3.00 for the ribbon, the fabric was a scrap from the stash and the embroidery floss is from the stash.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Return of Cersei

Wow, my Cersei Blue Birds reproduction won second place in the Sheer Madness "As Seen on TV" costume contest!  I'm honored!

Congratulations to the 3rd and 1st place winners Laura Zenz Proctor and Bina Pothi!

Fox Hat!

This is the original
I finally got the silk ribbon I'd ordered from M&J Trimming to cover the millinery wire on the Fox hat so today I set about putting it all put together.  First I whip stitched the silk ribbon to the brim edge then I pleated some wide navy ribbon to the crown and stitched that on.

Then I stitched some gold/navy trim on the attach to the button on the Fox rosette and started adding feathers and tails.

The tails are really just old pieces of vintage fox fur that were falling apart that I hot glued into "tail" shapes!   I stitched those on first then added feathers, fur and more feathers. There are 3 black (multi feather) plumes and 3 white.

I still need to mess with it a bit (and maybe add one more feather...) but it's basically done!

 And here is my repro. I tried it on with the wig so you could see the full effect.