Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Gluey Details

beadsI finally cut out and appliqued my embroidery motifs so I thought I'd let you know what I did. 

I asked around on the Game of Thrones Embroidery group on Facebook as to what other people used to glue their embroideries and the universal answer was watered down fabric glue. 

So I used about 1/3 water to 2/3 Sobo fabric glue, mixed it together, turned my embroidery over and liberally coated the entire back with it. Once it was dry the organza was VERY stiff and almost rubbery, flexible but not very fabric-like any more.  I cut into it and tested it a bit and found it was very sturdy and wasn't going to shred at ALL. 

So I cut very close to the embroidery, leaving on a small margin around things, making sure not to cut any threads. Be forewarned - your fabric may behave differently, do some tests!


Back (oh the horror!!!)

And close up so you can see the margins.
Then I pinned it securely on several points on the sleeve where I wanted it to go then carefully whip -stitched it with one hand inside the sleeve to keep things from puckering, using tiny stitches and black thread and occasionally going into the design.  It's not tacky but is stiff enough it's a bit tricky to sew through, but it also doesn't feel like it's going to fray at ALL.  Then I started adding the surrounding beads.  I'm pretty happy with it. 

Added bonus, I may just be able to do this same thing with the embroidered bird fabric I plan on using for Cersei's aqua bird gown.  I did a test with these and they seemed to hold up well, despite being on silk taffeta and not organza.  I would then applique them and add more embroidery around the edges to cover the yellow bits.


Bits and bobs

  • Laura of Shear Madness found a slew of great tutorials this week:
  1. How to knit a working circuit
  2.  How to create seamless trim
  3. How to do a stretch fabric applique
  4. How to bind a v-neck 
  • You can get a sneak peek of Katherine's Game of Throne gown on her website.  I love the colors she chose and the embroidery she's doing, she really captured the flavor of the Game of Thrones gowns but is doing her own design.  She's got some nice tutorials up in conjunction with the making of this dress too.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

At long last - Myth Masque!

Sheesh, it sure has taken me a long time to get to the Myth Masque write up!  Sorry about that.  Summer is often a bit of a quiet time for me blog-wise because my kids are home from school and I'm cramming costume college sewing into every free moment so I have a lot less free time to blog.  But this week they start summer camps so things are easing up a bit...

It was a mixed bag at Myth Masque this year.  The new location was gorgeous but there were also a lot of snafus.  One big one was that the event was dry.  We were given a sort of last minute heads up about that so people prepared in the form of flasks and were given directions to cross the street to order drinks but for those of us who paid quite a bit of extra $ for drinks we didn't get (and had to pay again at the very crowded bar across the street) it was pretty disappointing -  I mean, this is this my one big night out a year with my husband WITHOUT kids!

There was also the heat.  It was terribly hot in the vendors space, so much so we spent less than 5 minutes there, and it wasn't much better on many of the other floors.  Other people we talked to had trouble with things like hotel shuttles and the promised unicorn carriage ride, so one got the impression that there was a bit of a domino effect.

Anyway, the organizers have apologized profusely and have promised to rectify things, and I sincerely hope they do because man, the venue and the Myth Masque patrons were spectacular!  I only brought my old iphone so my photos aren't the best but people really pulled out ALL the stops.  I can't think of anything even the most over the top costumers I know could wear that would be out of place here - it was a feast for the eyes.

The grand hall was amazing!

I love this simple ballgown with goldfish on it. And there were many amazing drag queens

This girl was so charming  and the stage was gorgeous too

At the cafe across the street an odd-looking crowd gathered for drinks...

 And a last few pics of m and my husband...doesn't he look handsome!

You can see the rest of my photos here on flickr

Sunday, June 29, 2014

GoT links and Costume College group

 I'm nearly finished with my second lion embroidery, just a few more jump rings, a little more mane and tail on the right lion and some clean up/dedtails.  Then I need to applique it, add some more beads around the deisgn, finish the closures, and hem it and I'll be done.  Whew!  :P  It's funny how this "test" gown has taken over my life!


I'm hoping to see a bunch of Game of Thrones costumes at the Costume College Ice Cream Social!  So, to whet your appetite and many inspire those who are on the fence, here are a few interesting links:
  • Poisoned Kitty made a really lovely version of Margaery's blue gown, complete with a lot of construction information, it's not quite a tutorial but close and really useful for anyone wanting to repro any of the gowns in this style.
  • Simplicity has a new GoT pattern out with patterns for Dany's Qarth, Dothraki and wedding dresses.  I'm probably going to take the easy way and use this as the base of my version of the Qarth dress, and of course it could also be used to make a Qarth dress for any Qartheen lady.   This could also probably be used to make a dress for Shae or Missandei.  Andrea Schewe has a blog entry about making the pattern which might be of interest to you all.
  • And finally Michele Carragher has more high res images up on her website of her amazing embroideries.  I was particularly interested to see Cersei's mourning gowns close up (and get a load of the cool skull beads on one of them!).  While my original design was closer to the actual design used on this gown I'm very happy with the lions I came up with instead.