Monday, December 14, 2015

Victorian Mix n' Match

I had so much fun at the Victorian Ball I went to recently that I'm already making plans for the next one!

I took a look in my closet and realized that the underskirt for my old "Water" Victorian fancy dress costume could make a nice base for a new ballgown. AND in the stash I had not only enough fabric for a new bodice but two other fabrics which coordinated rather well with it, yes!

 So I'm nearly done with both the bodice and the overskirt. I need to make sleeves and finish these pieces and there is a lot more of what I call "frosting" aka trimming, bows etc, to put on, but the basic shapes are nearly done.


The idea was to give the gown a sort of Indian feel.  I have plans to have some wide ribbon to decorate the side ruching and a lot of other little decorative bits I need to play around with.

The other coordinating fabric is the same light green silk that I used in the under gown in my Lost Hope Fairy.  And the striped silk is the same as the aqua Regency open robe I made a few years back, hooray for using the stash!