Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Just a few fiddly bits, like skirt hooks, left to do on the coco costumes!  But the Bee Victorian Dress costume is now basically finished!  I've all but decided against the wings, the bee netting is really fragile and I'm just afraid that the wings will just snag it.  But I'm happy with how it's turned out.  Maybe I'll try to whip up a little bee themed purse now too...


Going to wear the hat, yellow and black stockings and my strappy black boots with it.    Bzzzzzzzzz!  ;)


A friend came over last night to do some sewing and so I finished sewing on the hooks and bars for the eyelet gown AND the Sherlock Homes one - woo hoo!  I also retrimmed a hat and added lace to a parasol I'd covered a while back to go with the eyelet bustle.  For the Homes gown I'm using a hat I'd bought back in the 90s that a retrimmed to match the movie gown.  Here's some sneak peeks...

Eyelet Bustle gown - cotton eyelet from JoAnns (of all places) lined in cotton with cotton lace from the FIDM store ($4 for 20 yards!!) and velvet ribbon trim from M&J Trimming - ALL from the stash!  Oh and my great grandmother's cameo.  :)



The "Irene Adler" gown from the first Sherlock Homes movie - out of pink silk faille with Czech glass buttons, also all from the stash!
My gown  and the movie gown (which I think was satin but I much prefer my faille.  :)
Since I'm nearly done with coco sewing I'm considering making the wrap that goes with this gown after all:

And maybe making a new petticoat to go with the 18th C gown I'm planning on wearing on Friday during the day.  I got more of this ages ago with the idea towards making a matching petticoat and somehow I'm in the mood to wear this again so why not with a new petti to make it feel like a new outfit?