Friday, July 26, 2013

Historical Sew Fortnightly #15: white (bonus round!) Robe a la Turque Scarf

I belatedly realized the scarf I sewed today counted towards the HSF 15 challenge "white" as well, so I thought I'd write it up to get bonus points for doing two white items during the challenge!

 The Challenge: White
Fabric: a crinkled off-white silk chiffon
Pattern: none
Year: 1779-1780
Notions: cotton lace trimming at either end
How historically accurate is it? Based on an 18th C fashion plate but machine sewn
Hours to complete: less than an hour
First worn: will wear the entire ensemble at the Costume College Pool Party!
Total cost: All stash materials

Of wigs and to do lists

Re-jiggered (re-wiggered?) the big honkin' wig I've got to go with the Turque.  It's two wigs Frankensteined together with the rather brilliant flash of inspiration of netting as a rat.  Netting, it turns out, makes a great rat.  You can stick bobby pins in it with ease, it comes is a million colors, it's light and you can squish it up to be quite firm or leave it soft.  I'll definitely be using it again.


Other than that I have a lot of stupid fiddling things left to do before Costume College: 
*Finish Turque:  
  attach sleeves  
  sew on back trim
*Make the sash for the Turque
*Finish styling the wig for the secret project...or just leave as is...
*sew ties on tostada hat, it will never stay on the massive wig otherwise.
*finish tacking down more flowers on tostada hat
*figure out how to have turque overgown attached to under gown at CF...pins are the obvious easy choice but I hate pinning taffeta, any ideas ?