Friday, August 21, 2015

Costume College Saturday - Gala!

I was a slacked and took almost no pictures during the day on Saturday, but I got quite a few of folks at the Gala.  I swear, people really stepped it up for the big party this year - there were so many drop dead gorgeous costumes!  Here's just a sampling...

Ladies in white!

Colorful ladies!

Victorian Ladies!

Ethereal Ladies!

Courtly Ladies!

And even more courtly ladies - the group of 18th C court gowns

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Costume College Friday

I didn't take as many daytime pictures on Friday as I would have liked and I got a fair amount at the Friday night social but I only used my iphone so I'm afraid they're rather cruddy.  Oh well, you get a bit of the feel of things at least.

Stripes and plaids!

Fantastic 18th C hats!


A few more Game Thrones shots - I love Aimee and Judy's embroidery!

Pretty ladies in white

And the colorful people of Capitol City!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Costume College - Thursday

I didn't take that many pictures on Thursday but I thought you might like to see the few I did get.  I got together with a few friends on Friday morning to start Costume College off by having tea at the Huntington.  It was frightfully hot so we decided to wear vintage.

I tried to style my hair a la Veronica Lake and was only partially successful - curse you humidity! My hat, gloves, purse and dress are all vintage and the shoes are these ones from Aerosoles in the black/faux patent.  Funny story about the dress, I actually wore this exact dress in 1997 when my husband-to-be and I snuck off to the courthouse to get married!  We had a full wedding ceremony by our friend (who couldn't legally marry us) with white dress later on.  Kinda cool I can fit into it after all these years!

I'm the tall blond in black

After the tea we rushed over to the hotel to check in and get ready for the Pool Party.  I'm embarrassed to say I didn't take many photos of the Pool Party save for pics of me and my cohort in Capitol fabulousness, Jenny-Rose.  But I did catch one of Kendra, Trystan and Sarah of Flock Flicks in the middle of their Wait Wait Don't Frock Me podcast.  I also got one of my best-roomie-evah Alyxx in her amazing glowing jellyfish/goldfish costume.