Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Costume College 2011 - part 2

There were many fantastic costumes I really can't show them all without totally overwhelming your bandwidth, so I tried to limit myself to some of my personal favorites and still I couldn't post them all!  Maybe I'll throw a few more in part 3...

Katherine and Aubry's gorgeous spotty gowns

Aimee's beautiful Tissot inspired bustle gowns with Eiffel Towers embroidered on it!

Alyxx's amazing hot pink King suit

Bunny's Duchess inspired Redingote and killer hat

Jenny's Sea Siren

Kendra's Maja costume

Kim's pink vinyl polonaise

Judy's pink cream puff late 18th C

Jenny-Rose's Queen of the night gown

You can see all of my pictures of costume college here on flickr.

Costume College 2011 - part 1

Well, another fabulous costume college has come and gone.  You know, I think everyone just gets better and better each year!  If you haven't been you really should come sometime, it's like summer camp for costumer ladies.

But on to more important things - like what we all wore!  Since I live so close now I can bring as many costume changes as I like from as many time period as I like and not have to worry about fitting it all into a suitcase.  So I planned on 2 costumes a day.

On Friday morning I wore my "Evil Queen" fantasy medieval gown (with the zipper up the back, nothing historically accurate to see here)  That's me on the left with Jenny-Rose in her evil queen on the right.

Friday night was the Ice Cream Social which seemed like the perfect place for a floofy bustle gown so I reprised my dotty bustle. From Left to right that's me, Alyxx, Aimee, Jenny-Rose and Judy

Saturday was the debut of the Empire era Lady Croom (from the play Arcadia) outfit.  I bought the overdress from a costume sale the Arena Stage in D.C. had many years ago and wore it with a hat and white muslin gown I'd made.

Saturday night was the Gala, the main social event of the weekend.  Jen Thompson and I both had decided to do Victorian Fancy Dress and were so excited to wear our outfits together - she was "Telegraph" and I was "Harlequin"

For the tea on Sunday I wore the only gown I made just for coco 2011, my candy colored 1780s gown and cotton candy petticoat. 

And Sunday evening I changed into a 1920s dress and hat I bought from J. Peterman which I wore with my killer Peter Fox spectator shoes. That's Aubry on the left in her 1920s "jampagne" frock and me on the right.

There were so many wonderful costumes that I took close to 500 photos!  I'll post some of the highlights of the weekend in part 2