Saturday, August 23, 2014

Costume College Ice cream Social: Game of Thrones

Sorry I've been quiet so long, between end of summer vacations with the family, school starting for one of my boys and a major spring cleaning going on over here I've been a wee bit busy!

Anyway, back to the coco recap - I really love my new Cersei dress, it was comfortable, I was proud of the embroidery and I felt elegant.  Both Katherine and I actually ended up wearing our Game of Thrones dresses all day on Friday.  After all that work it seemed a shame to just wear them for a few hours at the social. We were fortunate enough to have Kendra take a bunch pictures for us outside for a sort of "Kings Landing" photoshoot.

Of course we had to do some silly shots too

I will find a way to kill you!
Hellooo Jamie!
And you'll never guess what the Spider said next!
 There ended up being a pretty big group of Game of Thrones costume at the Ice Cream social which was so fun!  Everyone looked wonderful and it was great to get to pose together.  Sadly I didn't bring my good camera to the social so the only picture I got was this one on my iphone, but there are probably other good ones floating around the web.

I really loved wearing and making this gown, it was probably the costume that most inspired me this year.  The flow and drape of it is so graceful and I was really proud of all the embroidery I did.  Plus it's always fun to ham it up as a villain!

I will definitely be making Cersei's blue bird gown sometime in the near future.

You can see all my Costume College photos here on flickr