Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Modded Top hat

I've finished the modifications I made to my husband's top hat for our Myth Masque costume the other day.  I started with a base top hat like this.  We wanted to mod the hat but have all the mods be reversable, so no hot glue (which I generally avoid with hats anyway because I tend to retrim my hats to go with new outfits) and no cutting of the felt.  First I cut the threads tacking down the hat band and removed it.  Then I cut a tip and crown of the black scale embossed stretch velvet and sewed them together then pulled them down over the existing crown, kind of like a sock over a foot! Then I cut a strip of the feather trim to go around the crown where the band had been and stitched it in place and voila!

(p.s. I thought about covering the brim as well but my husband liked the contrast between the plain brim and the crazy decorated crown. )


Monday, May 20, 2013

Historical Sew Fortnightly #10: Literature - an Anna Karenina-inspired bustle over-skirt

I started this a while ago, it's actually the bustle over-drape for the "Black Bird" Victorian Fancy dress costume I'm working on for Myth Masque. But I thought the velvet and marabou combination looked like the type of velvet and fur combination I imagine Anna wearing. I plan on wearing it with this Jacket (although I'll replace the whip-stitched in striped "bee" vestee with a new black velvet one) and a little black felt hat with a veil, all very Anna!

The Challenge: #10: Literature - Anna Karenina-inspired bustle over-skirt

Fabric: Black cotton velveteen

Pattern: I draped it myself

Year: 1870s

Notions: black marabou, black pleated silk satin remnants, black pleated velvet ribbon remnant.

How historically accurate is it? Hard to say, these are materials they had, but modern techniques and sewing as this is the base for a fantasy Victorian costume.

Hours to complete: I never know since I usually work on multiple projects at once! CADD is my middle name. :P

First worn: To be worn this upcoming Saturday at Myth Masque!

Inside of bustle over skirt back
Total cost: All stash materials! So I don't really know, but the velvet was part of a bulk purchase from G Street fabrics' $1.97/yard table (back when it was only $1.97) so not all that much!
At first it was unlined to help with heat in the LA summer. But it just didn't poof out enough. So I added an organza lining to just the back section which helped enormously. Instead of sewing the bustle ties at specific points on the back of the skirt I sewed three plastic curtain rings down the center back and on either side of the CB, threaded ribbons through the rings and then tied the ribbons to create the right amount of poof. This gives me a little more flexibility in how much poof and how long the back drape is. 

Midnight in Paris

The dress I wore - "Black Tango"
That was the theme of the fundraiser at my younger son's school this year.  Basically it's a big 1920s costume party.  They always throw such great parties, the year before was 007 and before that Mad Men.  Anyway I'd bought a dress from Leluxe to wear to another event the year before so I was all ready.  Leluxe did some of the costumes in The Artist as well as a costume for Nora Montgomery in Season 1 of American Horror Story. 

I have nothing but good things to say about the dress, it's high quality and ever-so-slightly stretchy so there is less of the sack-like shape that some 20s dresses have.  That baggy shape may be accurate but it's extremely unflattering on me!  

 A few other ladies were wearing dresses they bought from Unique Vintage and after seeing them in person I can vouch for them being very pretty as well.

I styled my long hair by blow drying it straight then curling it under and pinning it into a bun underneath my hair.  I experimented with a bunch of make up looks and came to the conclusion that something a bit more colorful and less smoky would be more flattering on me so I went with green and aqua to match the hair do-dad I had and the iridescent sequins of my dress. 

My husband wore his brown striped sacksuit from The Gentleman's Emporium with a fedora, his pocket watch and chain and a rose pinned to his lapel.  All of which gave him a bit of a Nucky Thompson vibe. I'm afraid I didn't get any decent full length photos of us but I did get a few cute close ups.