Friday, July 5, 2013

Profiles in History Hollywood Auction

Another amazing auction of historic Hollywood ephemera, props and costumes is coming up at the end of July.  Best of all there is a wonderful catalog detailing the items that can be downloaded as a pdf or viewed online.  Costumes and props from the Sound of Music, The Matrix, The Music Man, Interview With a Vampire (Yes, Claudia's blue dress!), Ghostbusters, The Addams Family, Watchmen, Superman, Batman, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Iron Man 2, and many, many more are featured in beautiful high res images in the catalog - so helpful for costumers!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

"Tostada" hat complete!

So I went back and cut an inch off the ruffle for the "tostada" hat, as a friend called it.  The proportions weren't right to me and proportions are pretty important in how "right" I feel something looks.

I re-hemmed it and sewed it back onto the hat then atached the flowers and took some more pictures this time in case it might be useful for someone else.  I stitched the ruffle on quite a bit beyond the actual crown/brim join on the straw, creating the illusion of a much wider crown.  The fabric is very, very stiff and holds a crease extremely well, such that I can use my fingers to "press" it into the shape I want and it just stays.  Brilliant.  Really everything I was hoping for in a fabric for this project.

I bought quite a few fabric roses from Mary not Martha, which is conveniently just a few miles from me.  I'd bought some paper ones from Taylor of Dames a la Mode that worked very well for the crown/brim join but needed to add a few more as well as some large ones for inside the ruffle.  Mary Not Martha isn't cheap but man, do they have flowers!  I pawed through bin after bin of fabric roses, all top quality.  I can't recommend them highly enough if you're in the LA area, but they're also on etsy.

Getting the roses to stand up in the ruffle was a bit of a chore as the crown is a typical very shallow bergere style.  But I had the idea of creating a sort of wire stand for the flowers to elevate them, just some more wire wrapped around the end of the stems and bent into a sort of loop that I then stitched down to the crown.  This is a bit delicate but I think the hat looks delicate and something sturdier wouldn't look right.

And so I'm done! Now to make the dress to go with it!  ;)