Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bits and Bobs

* Marvel Superhero Experience -  This sounds like the perfect place to wear your Avengers gear!

*  Ever wanted to build an authentic 1973 Dalek?  It turns out that if you wrote to the BBC back in the day they would send you a set of these plans, how cool is that?

* The Victorian Needle has a great post on breastfeeding in the Victorian era, timely for any new moms or expecting ones!

* American Duchess has a new pair of shoes!  Unisex "Virginia" is a flat Renaissance era shoe that looks like just the thing for a long day at the Faire.

* I just love this headless Marie Antoinette costume and it seems like something a historic costumer might get a kick out of making for Halloween.

* Speaking of Marie Antoinette, Marie Antoinette's Gossip Guide to the 18th Century has compiled a bunch of playlists of music to help get you in the 18th century mood.

* Fashion Through History has a timely blog entry on historical fancy dress with plenty of fashion plates and photos to inspire you to get cracking on that Halloween costume.

* Looking for some wool as the weather gets colder?  Lots to be found on sale here at Fabric Mart including a lot of plaids for you Outlander fans.

* Circuit Scribe looks like it has the potential be very useful for costumers who use electronics.   Light it up!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Halloween - Accessory Tutorials Roundup!

To my mind accessories are often what make the costume.  In fact,  some accessories are so good you don't even need anything else!  With that in mind here's a round up of Halloween Accessory Tutorials.  I tried to pick things that were relatively cheap and easy to make given Halloween is just around the corner, like the cardboard version of the Iron Man helmet vs the fiberglass one.  So these may not last forever, but they should get the job done for that last minute Halloween party you've been invited to.  I hope you like 'em!


Beautiful feathered wings made from foam.
Feathered wings with real feathers.
Cellophane Fairy Wings - one of many online tutorials for these easy to make fairy wings.
Demon Wings - I just had to throw the method I used for my devil wings for my Myth Masque "Diablesse" costume in there too.

Remember these?
Leather wrapped Maleficent horns - these are really cool, or maybe hot.
Fun foam horns - these are simple to make, cheap, and pretty darn effective.
Light up horns - if you're going trick or treating after dark, clubbing, or to a rave this is the way to go.

Cats wig - If you have fond memories of the Broadway show this is the purrfect wig tutorial for you.
Fiber Optic Wig - The best kind of wig for a dark October night.
Papercraft Anime wigs - amazingly cool anime wigs using papercrafting.

Chell's Longfall Boots from Portal 2 - white gogo boats that are the base for this accessory.
Weathered Pirate Boots - these do need a purchased base but the result is worth it.
Thigh High boots - easy and rather brilliant, just boots, thigh high stockings, hot glue and felt.

Foam Armor - a short but detailed article on making armor out of foam.
Fast foam armor  - out of foam floor mats!
Cardboard armor - a killer breast plate and all she used were balloons, cardboard, newspaper and glue.

Dalek Hat - I thought this assemblage of household items made a great Dalek hat.
TARDIS fascinator - the perfect accessory for your TARDIS dress!
Top hat - Don't have any buckram?  No worries, use cardboard!
Mini Top Hat - for those of you who like tiny perchy hats.

Cardboard Iron Man Helmet - pretty spiffy for cardboard.
Robot Monster Space Helmet - using an old globe!
Foam Sauron Helm - this is amazingly realistic and doesn't use fiberglass.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Doctor Who, American Horror Story, and the 1920s

We watch both Doctor Who and American Horror Story in our house, so last night, when I watched the DW episode "Mummy on the Orient Express" I was immediately struck by something - Clara wears the same dress in DW as Nora does in AHS season 1!  

Nora in American Horror Story

Clara in Doctor Who

They may look a bit different because "the Vamp" a very sheer dress and the color of the slip shows through.  Nora has a light or gold color slip and Clara has a black slip under her dress.  

How do I know so much about this dress?  Because I own a different dress from the same company!  Leluxe specializes in luxurious beaded reproduction 1920s dresses.  Several were also used in the Artist including the "Tango" - which I own!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Needle Painting

I've been working on another bird (of course).  I think it's my best one yet.  No surprise really because aside from having a lot more practice under my belt, I bought a needle painting book and am finally learning how to properly do some of this stuff.

If you're into this sort of thing I recommend the book, clear instructions, projects that are actually interesting instead and it's not very expensive.  The other thing I did was trust my eye.  I've always been good at eyeballing things, in sewing or drawing/painting, so this time instead of slavishly following my penciled outlines I kept my reference pic in front of me at all times and "sketched" what I saw in front of me, I think it resulted in something much closer to Cersei's original than the others.

If you aren't sick of seeing my endless parade of birds I'll post this one when I finish.  I have one more to do but may end up doing two and replacing one of the older ones as I like the new one so much better.  Three of them are in very visible spots so I want those looking really spiffy!