Friday, August 10, 2012

Official photos of Irene Adler

Here are a few of the official Costume College photos of my Sherlock Home Irene Adler gown done by Andrew Schmidt, I thought they came out so well!  You can see many more wonderful pics of Costume College attendees on his photography website here.



Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bitchy Roman Loungewear

There was a group of us in "Bitchy Roman Lounge wear" at Costume College this year, all wearing gowns inspired by such shows as "Rome" and "Spartacus" where all the women are bitchy and look fabulous.

It was such fun to wear -- so easy, cool and comfy, but still glamorous, really great for the day of the Gala when we're all usually trussed up in corsets.  Since everyone asked - the headpiece I'm wearing is a Thai dancer's headpiece I got at a thrift store years ago.  The jewelry was all purchased in the Indian nighborhood of Houston, Texas.  The outer gown is silk georgette and the inner one is a very drapy rayon faille trimmed with come cheap gold trim remnants from Jo Anns and a beaded sari trim.

There were some great official photos taken but they're not online yet so you'll have to settle for some poolside out takes for now. 

Bottoms up!

Hunger Games DVD Extras Costumers may like

Variety is reporting that Target will be selling some high end Hunger Games exclusives along with the dvds of the movie they are not cheap but include a 14 carat gold repro of Katniss' Mockingjay pin ($999) and a repro of her leather hunting jacket ($349).  They will be available on Target's website beginning August 18th with only 100 of the pins and 50 of the jackets available over three days.

Monday, August 6, 2012

My Irene Adler gown

I still have tons of pics to edit before I get to uploading all them all from Costume College but I thought you might like to see a few of the Irene Adler gown from the original Sherlock Homes movie in the meantime.  I was sort of unenthused about it when I finished it but I changed my mind once I had it on - it was SUCH fun to wear!  I didn't end up styling the wig that went with it in time, so I just styled my own hair in similar curls.  The hat was purchased in San Francisco in the early 90s when there was a "granny" fashion craze going on.  I just trimmed it with more blooms to match Irene's hat.  I never did make the wrap but it was so warm I wouldn't have wanted to wear it anyway.

The bodice and skirt are both Truly Victorian patterns, the shirt it TV261-R and the bodice is a modified version of TV460.