Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dreams of a Belle Epoch Ariel

After checking the fabric out again I think I kind of have to do this:

The fabric I have is really nearly perfect and since I have it in the STASH it counts as de-stashing!   Woo-hoo!  I've got the corset and other undergarments already and a lot of pattern bits and pieces I can Franken-pattern into something resembling the artwork.  I'm thinking the Truly Victorian 1905 Circular skirt, and 1890s sleeves view 2 and a bodice I've drafted with added points.

I'll have to wear a wig if I really want to channel Ariel but I think it's a small price to pay.

And while it's a Disney Princess it's also a viable pseudo-historical ensemble I can wear to 1890-1900s events.

So many costumes, so little time!

I've got a costume do to/wish list a mile long and I just keep adding to it!

Things in the partially finished state that I hope to finish soon:

Pink Venetian - about 1/2 way finished, I tried the bodice mock up on again recently and the fit looks good, just need to make the bodice, attach the skirt, finish sleeves and trim it all.

Moulin Rouge: Satine's Grey Suit - Hat is done, skirt is about 1/2 way done, need to mock up jacket and make undercorset

Eyelet Bustle Gown - almost finished, a little trim is needed on the bodice and I need to make the bodice front fastening

Black and white polkadot 20s frock - need to bind edges and make sleeves.

New Projects:

Historical Ariel Disney Princess - I have an S-bend Corset already and 10 yards of pistachio silk taffeta in the stash...

"Chess" Fancy Dress costume - I had such fun with the Harlequin costume I've decided I need more Fancy Dress in my life!