Friday, August 9, 2013

A Courting We Will Go...

And if that's not all I've also been lured into Demode's fabulous 18th Century Court Gown Project - fabulous costumers making over-the-top court gowns to wear to the Gala at Costume College next year?  I'm there!

All the information you need to join, with more to come, and all the claimed dresses here.

As for me, I'm thinking this would looke mighty nice in one (or maybe several) of the jewel toned silk taffeta's I've got in the stash.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Accessories Challenge!

More Costume College posts soon I promise, but in the meantime I thought I'd let you know about the Accessorizing Head to Toe Challenge that Trystan is doing.  She and I share the same view that accessories are really important, they are what transform a costume from good to stupendous, and we could ALWAYS use more of them! 

So she's started an accessories challenge, you can read all about it here.  As with the Historical Sew Fortnightly I don't know that I'll do every challenge but I'm excited to join in and beef up my historical accessory wardrobe. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Costume College Pool Party and more Turque

After checking in and unpacking it was time to dress for the Sea Sirens Pool Party.  I had costume plans for pretty much every other event during coco so I wore the turque.  I really like the pool party tradition, it's a great relaxing way to start things off. It was so much fun to see all so many old friends and new!

Adorable little sailor boy and mermom      the lovely Jenny, our sea siren hostess

Katherine's fun Grumpy Cat wiggle dress            Merja's gorgeous polonaise grumpy!merja

Alyxx's beautiful Charles II gown    a shot of the whole party alyxx2poolparty

It was a bit dicey at first with the turque.  I'd never tried the whole thing on together once I'd finished construction, crazy I know.  I had problems with my skirt gaping beneath my bodice so my stays showed, something that was fixed with pins but seemed rather alarming at first try.  Once I was all pinned together I felt much better about it, I was very happy with how close to the body the over gown was, taking the time to work with the pleats in the back really paid off.

I'd really wanted a shot of the Turque in the same pose as the fashion plate but had iphone photo failure. I'm going to have to wait for my husband to take some shots for that.  Oh well, these are the best ones I got.

turqueturque2 turque3turque

You can see the rest of my pool party pictures (and all my other coco pics once I upload them) here.