Thursday, September 1, 2011

Golden Age of Hollywood

For some reason I'd never gotten around to downloading the PDF for the auction that was held this summer of  Debbie Reynold's amazing collection of iconic Hollywood costumes.  If you're thinking of doing something from the "Golden Age" of motion pictures for coco next year and you haven't yet downloaded the catalogue you should.  It's truly an amazing treasure trove of information on significant movie costumes - the Ascot Dress, the 7 Year Itch dress, Liz Taylor's Cleopatra...the list goes on and on.  You can download all 312 pages of the catalog (in spectacular technicolor!!)  here.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rrrawk! Ariel!

So here's "Mr. Bomb" as the boys call him, all laid out on the floor.  I need to stitch his face down yet so I may monkey around with the layout of the features a bit more.  The white oval will be a cut out where little H's head will be a la this style of costume.

I was pawing through the stash this morning because I had a faint memory that I still had some metallic green silk organza left over from the Victorian fancy dress water costume of days gone by.  And yes, I do in fact still have some!  I'm not entirely sure it's enough for Ariel's hem motifs but I think so.  In any event I think the two fabrics look pretty great together (ignore the wrinkles!)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cartoon costume madness! Or Sonic and Angry Birds and Ariel, oh my!

I hadn't realized it until I started to put this post together but all my current costume projects are animated! 

First there's the boys.  I'm trying to get the jump on Halloween this year and get the boys costumes done EARLY for once.  So I asked them what they wanted to be and started work NOW so I could be done soon  --and they wouldn't have time to change their minds!  C wants to be Sonic the Hedgehog and H wants to be the bomb bird from Angry Birds.  I went shopping for Bomb bird fabric today at JoAnn's and sometime this week C and I will go back and buy fabric for Sonic. 

There is an Angry Birds costume tutorial here which I used to get my supplies together and as the basis for the design.  I measured a bit,  just little H's head to knee length and arms outspread, but mostly just winged this (pun intended) cutting out pieces of colored paper and playing around with them for the face and using a string and a piece of tailor's chalk to draw a circle.  The outer fabric is no-pill fleece, the inner is stretch cotton broadcloth and the face is felt.  I think this will go together pretty easily and I should be able to finish up Bomb in the next day or so.

Sonic will be a bit more difficult.  After looking at a lot of Sonic costumes online and thinking about the comfort requirements of a 7 year old I thought a hood with eye holes would be the way to go, sort of like this.  I can put white make up around his eyes and black on his nose but a full mask is just too much.  I'm going to buy (and if needed dye) a tank top and pj/long johns in Sonic blue for his body then buy fleece to match for the hood.  I'll buy or make cartoony gloves and make over-sized shoe covers and my little lightning fast hedgehog should be done!

It won't be my Halloween costume (not sure what I'll wear when they boys are trick or treating, maybe Jessie again or Luna or Rita from Harry Potter?) but I've been working a bit on Historic Ariel.  I got the TV 1905 circular skirt pattern and I think it's going to be perfect for it, with the added bonus of being pretty freaking easy.  I made a mock up of the skirt decoration pattern which I think I will applique on in something like an organza.  I also got a wig which I think will be just about perfect.

I'll post a few pics tomorrow.