Monday, February 24, 2014

Historical Sew Fortnightly #3: Pink - Pink floral chintz 18th C petticoat and jacket

It took me a while to finish this one but I finally got it done.  I've had a lovely pink and aqua floral chintz that I purchased from Burnley and Trowbridge in my stash for a while now.  In fact I think I bought it from them the last time I went to the Fort Fredrick Market Fair in Maryland - so 2010!!   :P

One of my favorite 18th outfits to wear is the Ikea curtain one I did that was inspired by this one in  the Duchess.  It's cotton so it can be thrown in the wash and is cool and comfy and it looks pretty and floofy.  So I wanted to make something similar with this fabric. 

I basically did the same thing I did for the Duchess repro - used my 18th C body block to make the bodice, then just added sleeves and a pleated, rounded rectangle for the "tail."  I'd wanted to trim the pinked pleated trim with some fuschia braid but had a mishap and didn't have enough so I went back through my trim stash until I found a narrow ribbon that I thought would work. 

I really loved the look of A Fractured Fairytale's flounced print petticoat and I had enough fabric (just barely!) to add a flounce, so I did.  The flounce and other pleated trim is pinked with scalloped shears then stitched to the outfit.  The petticoat is just two widths of fabric with a box pleated ruffle of 4 widths of fabric.  Between my trying very hard to get the pattern matching right on the front and back bodice pieces, all the self fabric trim and the flounce there was hardly any fabric left when I was done!

The Challenge: Pink

Fabric: Pink and aqua floral chintz

Pattern: my own

Year: 1780sNotions: narrow ribbon, hooks and bars, thread

How historically accurate is it? Somewhat?  Inside seams are machine sewn.

Hours to complete: about 16

First worn: Not yet!

Total cost: All stash materials so "free"