Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Impressionists' Picnic

I had the good fortune to be invited to an Impressionists' Picnic this Sunday.  I didn't manage to finish my Tissot-ish gown in time for the event, which may have been for the best given there were some muddy spots and mud and silk don't mix.  So I wore my old "dotty bustle" with a new hat and a bit more trim instead and was fairly pleased with it. 

The weather was perfect - sunny and warm but just cool and breezy enough that we weren't too hot so long as we stayed in the shade.  I had a wonderful time relaxing with old friends and meeting new ones - including fellow blogger Cait from Curse Words and Crinolines, who looked marvelous in pink and white.  There were three tables of shared food and drink (all very good I might add!) and much lounging, picture taking, sleeping, chatting and yes,  painting!

And one very silly game of 9 pins.

This reminded me of Renoir's "The Boating Party"

Baby got Back!

The Groaning Board

Straight out of a painting

The picnic