Friday, June 6, 2014

Cersei's innards

Some details on my Cersei mourning gown that others using the Simplicity or Mccalls patterns might be interested in: I converted the Simplicity pattern to a partial wrap dress. Instead of sewing the bodice front sections together at the waist to fix the wrap in place I left them unattached.
Here's the side pinned closed (it's still not finished)

Here is is opened.
I'm adding a tie to the inside where it's currently pinned and to the bodice end of the underlap.  On the over lap I'll have a tie and also some hooks and eyes to close it.  I hope that makes sense!  I think it would be easy to convert this to a full wrap dress by cutting an extra front skirt panel so that both left
The sleeves on these gowns are odd. The Simplicity ones are pointed, which isn't right, the ones on the Mccalls pattern are much closer. Anyway, the main thing it took me a while to figure out was that the not only is the sleeve squared off but the sleeve isn't a tube all the way down to the opening, I think you can see it best in this photo:

In most cases that straight part at the bottom is sewn closed as well, but for these sleeves it's left open.  It should even be wider than what I have here but I was using every last bit of fabric on this and had to skimp a bit.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Bits and bobs

* Steampunk's been around long enough now that a lot of designs are getting a bit predictable but this
octopus wig  is a real stunner.

* While not a costume per say, I'm sure something like this could be used in a costume and I thought these embroidered Temari spheres were just so amazing I had to share.

* This tutorial on smooth beading has been making the rounds on Facebook.  I was so happy to see it since many of the Game of Thrones gowns have smooth swirling lines of beads,  now I know the secret of how to do it!

* The Dreamstress has a nice stocking how-to up-  now you can make stockings to match every gown!

*Wonderful article on the costumes of  Maleficent including some great close ups.

* American Duchess has started the pre-order for the new "Savoy" Edwardian shoes, they look so divine! 

* Nice close ups of many of the signature jewelry pieces for Game of Thrones are are the Steensons website.  One can only hope that they offer them for sale one day!.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More work on Cersei!

I'm nearing the end on the Cersei Mourning gown.  I modifed the Simplicity pattern somewhat and will probably end up changing the side zip to a partial wrap by attaching a tie to the part of the bodice that wraps under and another at the side.  Then more base of the bodice where the ties are on the original.  This will allow it some adjustment in size if I lose weight!  ;)  I'll take some pictures of this as well as the sleeves, which are an odd shape, and post them later.

I'm going to wait until I finish to decide which sleeve embellisment to make.  Since I'll be creating it on organza then appliqueing it I don't think it will be that hard to do post construction.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Back in Westeros - Cersei's mourning gown

I realize I have yet to write about Myth Masque, never fear, it's coming but in the meantime I've moved back to my GoT obsession and have been working on Cersei's mourning gown.  She actually has at least THREE mourning gowns it turns out.  The black velvet with gold swords printed on it, the walking with Oberyn damask gown with gold sword-like arabesque beading on the sleeve and the trail-by-combat one which appears to be nearly identical to the Oberyn one save it has lion heads and sword like swirls on it. 

Not sure at this moment which of these last two this will be bus as the basic gown is the same (or nearly so) I'm going to decide that later since I'll be embroidering it on organza then appliquing it to the sleeve and adding more beads.

I got a bunch of construction done the other day.  I went with the Simplicity method and cut the bodice separate from the skirts. I would have liked to have modified the pattern to have the more correct no-waist-seam but just didn't have enough fabric.  It certainly makes it easier to tweak fit with separate bodice and skirts, not to mention saving on fabric and being A LOT less cumbersome to work with!  Anyway, the top half of the dress is nearly done, I need to tack down some things inside and add the ties.  I drafted my own collar and did a LOT of piping - the neckline, sleeve openings and side skirt panels are all piped in gold/black changable dupioni.

cersei close up

The dress fabric is a black matelasse with a floral design that I actually had in the giveaway pile until I realized it would be great for this gown. I lined the entire thing - with a black silk taffeta remnant for the bodice, a gold embroidered (with leaves) dupioni remnant I got from Home Fabrics in LA for the bottom part of the sleeves, and a flowy mystery fabric from the stash on the skirts.  I think lining this type of gown is pretty important, even if you go with a heavier weight fabric, it just drapes so differently when lined. 

I bought a cheap chain belt with lion motifs on it to cut apart to make a necklace worthy of a Lannister.