Myth Masque 2014: Diablesse

Well, as much as I'd love to stay mired in Westeros, I've got Myth Masque in exactly a month, so it's time to get chopping.  Inspired by how much fun we had at the Krampus LA event this past winter the husband and I have decided to be Victorian devils this time around.  I'm basing my costume off this fashion plate with a little Maleficent a la Mathew Bourne and a dash of the Anna Valerious red gownI've got my horns already done and today I started on the bodice.  I'm not going to post any pictures of the costume until I have more certainty about the direction this is going in but I'm pretty pleased so far.  Part of that is finally digging into some killer fabric that's been in the stash forever:

It's a bright red and silver snakeskin brocade, how cool is that?!  I fit my muslin, which just needed slight tweaks because it's a tried and true pattern then I fused the brocade (which shreds like the dickens) to a lightweight fusible to stabilize it and put the bodice together. I used the same bodice I used for the Bee and Harlequin fancy dress costumes but I had one big problem - I only have something around 2 yards to make the bodice AND skirt from, so fabric is TIGHT.   So I decided I'd make a different type of skirt and am aiming now for a high/low type with a short front apron drape and a long bustled tail in the back with the bottom of the tail in a totally different fabric.  Kind of like a saloon girl.  Given this is a fantasy ball I could care less about historical accuracy, so that's fine by me.  Anyway, it feels good to finally start on this since I have to finish this AND make a new vest for my husband and mod some other things all before May 24th!  Eeep!