HSF ’14: Challenge #6: Fairytale - Carabosse Horns

So while I've got great plans for a devilishly evil costume for this year's Myth Masque, I knew I wouldn't be able to finish my costume in time for the HSF fairy tale challenge deadline.  But I thought I could finish an important accessory for my costume, so that's what I chose to do.

I know many people are excited about the upcoming Maleficent movie and I can see why, not only is Maleficent a fun over-the-top evil character, but her costumes look stunning.  While I like her, I've always been more influenced by an older version of the "evil fairy" in the Sleeping Beauty tale: Carabosse.  Probably this stems from the fact that when I was a little girl my parents brought back a paper toy theater of Sleeping Beauty for me from London.  I haven't been able to track down exactly which toy theater is was, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was from Pollock's.  All I remember is an amazingly ornate little theater made of stiff paper that my Dad and I constructed together and wee little characters in pretty Victorian costumes. 

Recently my friend Aimee introduced me to the Matthew Bourne version of Sleeping Beauty, it was a wild and crazy production but by far my favorite part was the gothic Victorian version of Carabosse, which seemed to gibe with my recollection of the evil fairy from my old-fashioned paper theater.

After seeing oh so many HUGE horns at the Krampus event AND the Edwardian Ball, and figuring more will be coming after Maleficent comes out, I decided I wanted something different from the norm - a little more delicate and slender.  So when I saw some little horns at Gold Bug in Pasadena I knew I had to have them. 

To make them into something that would stay on my head I wrapped wire around a headband in the two places I wanted the horns to go and left two prongs poking up to put the hollow horns onto.  Then I covered the wire and base of the headband in hot glue and put more hot glue in the horns (They're real horns which means they are hollow) and plopped the horns onto the headband, voila!
  • Historical Sew Fortnightly 2014 thedreamstress.com

The Challenge: Fairy Tale
Fabric: none
Pattern: none
Year: 1870-1880 is the time frame of the gown I'm going to make to with this
Notions: Headband, horns, wire, hot glue
How historically accurate is it? Not at all!
Hours to complete: about 1
First worn:  Will be worn to Myth Masque
Total cost: $18 for horns, other materials were in my stash.