Historical Sew Fortnightly #6 Stripes - Man's Victorian Vest

The Historical Sew Fortnightly hosted by thedreamstress.comI had high hopes for working on the Tissot-ish gown for this challenge but I'm really still in the monkeying with mockups stage on the bodice so I put it on the back burner (I'm hoping I'll some of it finished for the "By the Sea" challenge) and worked on another vest for my husband.

It's another fantasy Victorian that will go with an upcoming fancy dress costume I'm making for him so it's not all that historically accurate. 

The Challenge: #6 Stripes - Men's Victorian Vest

Fabric:I used all small bits of stash fabrics for this - black linen for the lining, black silk for the vest back, black cotton velvet for the collar and welt pockeks (what a bear that was!) and some black and silver pinstriped man-made mystery fabric for the front.

Pattern: Buccaro Bobbins Men's Victorian Vests
Year: 1880s-ish
Notions: Interfacing, buttons thread
How historically accurate is it? Not very given the fabric!
Hours to complete: I rarely keep track of this since I usually work on multiple projects at once.
First worn: Will be worn to the Myth Masque Masquerade Ball in May.
Total cost: All stash so free?


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