From the bookshelf: Draping Period Costumes: Classical Greek to Victorian

Thanks to Chantal for the heads up on this new book.  While I haven't actually made up any of the garments yet I've been impressed with my first pass through.  It has detailed draping instructions for costumes from the Greek to Victorian eras for women AND men and is only $19.22 for the kindle version or $34.95 hardcover.  It starts off with basic draping instructions and step by step on setting up a dress form for draping and then goes garment by garment through the years.  While this book is geared towards theatrical costumers I can see it finding a place next to Hunnisett's books on many a historical costumer's book shelf.  Given it's a draping book there are no scaled patterns, so I bought the ebook to save space, money, and give myself a nice costume reading  option while on vacation!


  1. Dear Loren,

    Thanks for the heads up!!

    How do you feel about the Rococo women's fashions draped in the book? I am considering purchasing the book and wondered. From what I can see in the preview, the draping fits the periods, but am really hoping for accuracy with the en fourreau and sack styles.

    Any thoguhts appreciated, and thanks kindly,

    Natalie (aka ZipZip)


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