Myth Masque

While Costume College has loomed large in my recent costume musings I've got a few other costume events on the horizon from a Bustle picnic to the LA Edwardian Ball. But the one I'm feeling I need to plan most for is Myth Masque in May.

Besides the fact that Myth Masque looks even more over the top than Labyrinth of Jareth, it also happens to be our wedding anniversary (16 years!) so we want to make it really special.  And we have a few added constraints - first of all I wanted to use as much of H's existing menswear as possible.  I hate making men's costumes and it saves a LOT of time if I don't have to make two crazy costumes from scratch.  That means either Victorian or 18th C.  But while 18th C seems the obvious choice for over the top, H really likes Victorian on me more (he's not a fan of wigs or big hair) and is IS our I started thinking Victorian.

I've been wanting to make a repro of the "Think of Me" gown from Phantom of the Opera ever since I first saw the movie.  It's a lovely gown based on this painting.

But being a married lady of a "certain age" and kinda gothy to boot, the white is a bit too precious for me.   It's also a tad more hoop-y than I'd like, so I'm going to go for something a little more bustle era in black and silver.  Something like a mix between the original inspiration, this pink Simplicity version of the Think of Me gown (I like the big butt bustle) and this gown from the 2nd Edition (1882) of Ardeen Holt's Fancy Dresses Described:
bustle star

I also have no intention of embroidering a humongous skirt or buying super-expensive star beaded fabric.  So I want a design that works but lets me use the fabric I have along with other trims to give this impression.  Luckily the LA garment district has everything I need: rhinestone/beaded star motifs ($2-4 each), tiny star sequins ($1 per pack), cheesy-yet-awesome poly organza with silver stars printed all over it ( only $2/yd and 60" wide baby!)  All this will supplement the black silk satin and black sequined fabric I already have and the black silk organza I ordered recently. And my husband can wear his trusty Gentleman's Emporium black frock coat and pants and I'll just have to make him a star-studded vest - and voila!


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