Historical Sew Fortnightly: #2: UFO

After cleaning up the sewing room the other day I spent a large part of the day sewing!   A while back I decided that I really wanted more Victorian mix and match stuff, like I had in my 18th C wardrobe.  So when I started the Tissot gown I also started a basic bustle skirt out of some old black silk satin I'd gotten from fabric.com back in the days when they had sales on such things, than then left it in the UFO pile.  I had finished the bulk of the skirt and had partially made a pleated ruffle for the bottom that I'd never gotten around to finishing or attaching.  So finally I did that and topped it off with a pleated velvet ribbon trim. It makes a smart, but rather plain, bustle gown skirt that I can add over skirts to or use as-is.  I have enough of the satin left to make a matching bodice and over skirt.  Given this was pretty close to being finished I may try to do a double header and get another UFO off my list before the deadline of 1/28.

The Challenge: #2 UFO
Fabric: Black silk satin
Pattern:  TV 261.
Year: 1885
Notions: ribbons from the stash to attach bustle
How historically accurate is it? Somewhat.
Hours to complete: ?  Hard to tell with a UFO, the pleating of the skirt ruffle took the longest.
First worn: not yet!
Total cost: ? Fabric.com sale in 2004ish?  Too long ago for me to remember!