Bowers Museum Exhibit "Cut! Costume and the Cinema"

I recently got to see a bunch of friends from the Costumers' Guild West at the Bowers Museum's event "Skirting the Issue: Dressing the 18th and 19th C Woman."  Mela Hoyt-Heydon, organized a wonderful fashion show of us for the museum goers in conjunction with the exhibit of Cosprop costumes in the "Cut!  Costume and Cinema" exhibit (up until March 10th.)  I was so busy prepping and socializing I didn't actually get to see the show!  But those in the LA area may want to make the trip, I'm certainly planning on going back.  Costumes from Ever After, The Duchess and Phantom of the Opera are all on display.  Those who live too far afield may want to check out this gallery of shots from the exhibit, link care of the Costumers Guide website. I wore my "Victory Gown" repro from the Duchess and my blue and white striped seaside bustle gown.  And I've got the bad iphone pics to prove it:
 duchess2duchess seaside