Moving right along

I got a lot done on the candy dress today, not that you'd really notice a difference since I was basically just sewing down all the pinned stuff I did yesterday. But it was a fair amount for the morning: both sleeves sewn in and hemmed and lace ruffles attached, waistband sewn to organza skirt, skirt sewn to bodice of gown... I'd like to do some more tonight - sew the ruffle to the neckline and maybe make the ruffle for the organza petticoat and attach that At least. Then I really should get back to my regularly scheduled program of fixing up things for coco.

I had a little design eureka while looking at a bunch of the Marie Antoinette movie gowns on costumersguide though. At lot of the sheer ruffles have edgings of narrow ribbon on them to give them more definition. The floral gown she wears in front of the lovely floral wallpaper is a good example of what I mean. And what do you know but I have some pale pink ribbon in the stash! So I think the edge of the petticoat ruffle will get the ribbon. So this will be yet another all stash project.