More Candy

I worked on some trimming for my trusty black velvet Gainsborough go with the candy gown.  They're actually pinked and fray checked strips from the stripes of the silk, the trim is only just set on the hat at the moment but I'm liking it!  A plain black Gainsborough is a great accessory to have because you can retrim it to match anything!

I've actually gotten a lot done on the gown itself today too.  The petticoat pleats are sewn down and I've sewn the sleeves (although not attached them) and sewned down the pleats for half the gown skirts.  Now I'm at a bit of a stopping point as I decide which direction I want to go in with this.  I've got a bunch of the pink organza which I was thinking of using as trim along the neckline a la a lot of the gowns in MA.  And I've got some nice lace I could put around the neck edge.  I'm not really feeling the desire to do pleated trim like I normally do but on the other hand it looks so cool.  Gotta ponder it a bit...maybe something like Polignac here?


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