"Candy" 18th C gown

So, um, last night I got about 1/2 way finished with a new 18th C gown. 
Between fabulous picture after fabulous picture of recent 18th C events and the fact that I may be an extra in another 18th C production I couldn't restrain myself!  I got out my old trusty period impressions polonaise pattern, which fits me nearly out of the envelope, and looked through my stash for some stripey candy pink goodness that I knew was in there.  I had less than than I thought but managed to squeeze, bodice, sleeves and skirt out of it, only to be a bit blue thinking my skirt would be a hair on the short side.  Dug through the stash again wondering if I had another pink that might work for a petticoat...and found a whole second length of the original stripe!  I've got enough to make a matching petticoat now or a jacket or something.

So I may actually wear something 18th C to coco after all...or maybe I'll stick to the original plan.  We'll see, but either way I'll have some new 18th C goodness!