Into the breech(es)

So my husband waistcoat is finally finished and I'm happy to say fits well. Now it's on to his breeches. I was looking for a brown, green or tan to go with a the coat he'll be wearing which I purchased on etsy. The waistcoat is a little earlier than the coat but I wanted maximum bling for this event and that meant using the embroidered fabric.   Later I'll make another waistcoat to go with this frock.

Lucky me, I found a perfect caramel color silk taffeta at Home Fabrics in the remnant bin for only $5 per yard and there's enough for me to make another frockcoat for him! So I've been working on his breeches. I made a pair for him years and years ago from the Eagle's View pattern which was pretty easy so I thought I'd use it again. But he weighed a lot more back then so I needed to make the next size down. Conveniently enough I also have a pair of linen breeches I brought for him from Jas. Townsend which fit nearly perfectly. So I re-cut the pattern using the Townsend breeches as my guide and I'm happy to say he just tried them on and they seem to fit well! I'm about 2/3 of the way done, I still need to do the buttons and button holes, knee bands and back eyelets and gusset.  I'll take some pics when they're done.

Then I need to start MY costume!   (Or decide to just wear something from my closet!)


  1. The waistcoat is fantastic! I wish I could get my husband to wear something like that.

  2. Thanks! He's a good sport about it, probably because he knows I think 18th C is so handsome on men. :)


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