All over the map

I did a whole lot today but was kind of all over the map as far as projects go.  I had a little detour in my fancy dress and breeches projects and whipped up a 20s dress.  It's not finished yet, I'm waiting on my big sewing machine to come back from the shop since it's the one that does the killer narrow hems but it's nearly finished with just sleeves and hemming needed.  It looks rather sad hanging in the bathroom but 20s dresses, like Mad Men era styles, just don't have a lot of hanger appeal I'm afraid.  It has a lovely floaty quality when worn that you'll just have to trust me on for now.

I also worked on the underskirt for my fancy dress costume.  It's pretty boring at the moment so I didn't bother to snap a pic.  It's just big black mess of silk organza over a layer of silk shantung, but it's only the underskirt so it's not meant to be all that exciting.  A bit more interesting though were the experiments I did with the diamond patterned fabric.  I want to have the diamonds dags all around the bottom of the overskirt and since the fabric is sort of flimsy I put a facing of shantung along the back, sewed the diamonds then cut, turned and pressed it.  I think it looks pretty good but maybe needs a little trim to make it pop.  I thought you'd also like to see the mask I plan on wearing with it.

I only worked a tiny bit on the breeches today.  I'm getting in that cocky phase where I can see the end is in sight and I've got a whole other costume to finish so I've started on that because there's no way I can't NOT finish the breeches now.  At least I hope so!  Anyway, I promised pics of them too so here they are.  They are a lovely golden caramel color - a golden brown shot with white.  Trust me when I say they look a lot better on my husband than they do on the floor!