Opulent Art Exhibit at FIDM

I went to a special tea and talk that the Fashion Council was presenting at FIDM.  We had a lovely tea and a talk by Kimberly Chrisman-Campbell about her new book Fashion Victims.  Her talk was really interesting and she touched briefly on several things that only whet my curiosity for more.  So I bought her book.  I've only just started to read the book but I'm really enjoying it, it's a cross between a coffee table book with large clear full-color images of 18th C clothing, fashion plates and paintings and a fashion history book like Queen of Fashion.

Then we got to tour the galleries AND because it was a special event WE GOT TO TAKE PICTURES!  I've broken up my photos and posts into two and will just cover the Opulent Art Exhibit on 18th Century fashion here and the movie costumes in a separate post.

It wasn't a huge exhibit but it was all rather spectacular and well, opulent!  Flash and tripods were not allowed so I did the best I could to take in focus shots in the low light of the exhibit.  Here are a few highlights and you can see the rest my photos of the exhibit here.