Bits and Bobs

* I always love looking at all the pretty red carpet frocks during Oscar season, in fact that's my favorite part of the Academy Awards!  I found Costumerism's entry on making  Lupita Nyong’o's 2015 Oscar dress fascinating.

*  I've always loved all those Victorian royal and military pins. Madame Modiste has a great blog entry with links for supplies and tutorials for making your own.

* Like many ladies I love shoes, especially historical ones, so I was excited to see the post The School of Historical Dress had on a new historical shoe book - Footwear: Shoes and Boots from the Hopkins Collection.

*Understructure is so important to achieving most historical silhouettes.  Historical Sewing has a great, detailed article about which fabrics to use for most basic of historical undergarments- the petticoat.

* And speaking of underwear, Festive Attyre has a nice write up of the making up of the Laughing Moon Regency chemise pattern.  I always love to read about other costumer's with historical patterns, it helps me figure out which ones to buy and what I might need to alter.

* Patterns are something I never seem to have enough of.  I can put the breaks on fabric but patterns sold alone or in a book are something I can't resist.  So I am really looking forward to At the Sign of the Golden Scissors new 18th Century gown pattern, especially since I love the "zone" front style so much.