At long last - Myth Masque!

Sheesh, it sure has taken me a long time to get to the Myth Masque write up!  Sorry about that.  Summer is often a bit of a quiet time for me blog-wise because my kids are home from school and I'm cramming costume college sewing into every free moment so I have a lot less free time to blog.  But this week they start summer camps so things are easing up a bit...

It was a mixed bag at Myth Masque this year.  The new location was gorgeous but there were also a lot of snafus.  One big one was that the event was dry.  We were given a sort of last minute heads up about that so people prepared in the form of flasks and were given directions to cross the street to order drinks but for those of us who paid quite a bit of extra $ for drinks we didn't get (and had to pay again at the very crowded bar across the street) it was pretty disappointing -  I mean, this is this my one big night out a year with my husband WITHOUT kids!

There was also the heat.  It was terribly hot in the vendors space, so much so we spent less than 5 minutes there, and it wasn't much better on many of the other floors.  Other people we talked to had trouble with things like hotel shuttles and the promised unicorn carriage ride, so one got the impression that there was a bit of a domino effect.

Anyway, the organizers have apologized profusely and have promised to rectify things, and I sincerely hope they do because man, the venue and the Myth Masque patrons were spectacular!  I only brought my old iphone so my photos aren't the best but people really pulled out ALL the stops.  I can't think of anything even the most over the top costumers I know could wear that would be out of place here - it was a feast for the eyes.

The grand hall was amazing!

I love this simple ballgown with goldfish on it. And there were many amazing drag queens

This girl was so charming  and the stage was gorgeous too

At the cafe across the street an odd-looking crowd gathered for drinks...

 And a last few pics of m and my husband...doesn't he look handsome!

You can see the rest of my photos here on flickr