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 I'm nearly finished with my second lion embroidery, just a few more jump rings, a little more mane and tail on the right lion and some clean up/dedtails.  Then I need to applique it, add some more beads around the deisgn, finish the closures, and hem it and I'll be done.  Whew!  :P  It's funny how this "test" gown has taken over my life!


I'm hoping to see a bunch of Game of Thrones costumes at the Costume College Ice Cream Social!  So, to whet your appetite and many inspire those who are on the fence, here are a few interesting links:
  • Poisoned Kitty made a really lovely version of Margaery's blue gown, complete with a lot of construction information, it's not quite a tutorial but close and really useful for anyone wanting to repro any of the gowns in this style.
  • Simplicity has a new GoT pattern out with patterns for Dany's Qarth, Dothraki and wedding dresses.  I'm probably going to take the easy way and use this as the base of my version of the Qarth dress, and of course it could also be used to make a Qarth dress for any Qartheen lady.   This could also probably be used to make a dress for Shae or Missandei.  Andrea Schewe has a blog entry about making the pattern which might be of interest to you all.
  • And finally Michele Carragher has more high res images up on her website of her amazing embroideries.  I was particularly interested to see Cersei's mourning gowns close up (and get a load of the cool skull beads on one of them!).  While my original design was closer to the actual design used on this gown I'm very happy with the lions I came up with instead.


  1. Hahaha! I love it when we're asked to dress a certain theme, and we all run with our own. I've got a Murder of Crows (black) theme going and it should be a lot of fun to see all these "themes" at the Ice Cream Social.

    1. Yup, always fun to see the various group costumes


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