Game of Thrones - Dragon egg

So Easter is coming and you know what that means...the craft stores are full of eggs to mod into dragon eggs!

I bought a set of three plastic eggs from Michaels, thinking I'd mod one and  use the other two as presents for my nice and nephew.  I used a heat gun to fuse the ton of tiny wonderflex scraps I'd been saving to the egg, then spray-painted it black.  I dry brushed layers of green paint over the black then repeated the process with silver paint to give it some shine.  It's light but sturdy and I think it turned out pretty well.

I know Rhaegal isn't the largest or the strongest of  the three dragons but I just love that green color!


  1. The eggs of the dragons are utmost interesting. I will also buy a set for my kids in the coming event. Thanks a lot for letting me know about this present.


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