Falling behind quickly here, sheesh, this year has been a whirlwind! Anyway we had a nice low key Halloween with friends.  Started off the day going to Js school for a teacher conference and got to check out the Dia de los Muertos altar the kids made.  At the 11th hour I finished decorating our house and got all the skulls set up on the side table (note the Princess Bubblegum me in the mirror, lol!)


We all wore our Adventure Time costumes again and got ready for our friends to arrive. Here are Festive Finn and Jake and Battle Finn and Jake killing a spider with the cardboard swords they made.


We had the kids' little cousins over as well as some of their friends and their parents for a little party. Construction boy, Ladybug, Jake, Finn, Sharknado and a creeper are ready for CANDY!


Everyone had fun and looked great! Here's a few shots of Finn and her best friend as Sharknado and Finn and  my friend Alyxx's daughter as Marceline


I hope you had a happy Halloween!