Historical Sew Fortnightly # 14 :Eastern Influence - Robe a la Turque (undergown)

So if you've been following this blog you know that I've been working on the robe a la Turque in this fashion plate to go with the "tostada hat." 

While 2 weeks is definitely not enough time to to finish the entire ensemble, I have managed to get the pink under dress finished in time for this Historical Sew Fortnightly deadline.  I made it up as a robe Anglaise with added lace at wrists and neckline and cuffs to match the over gown of the Turque, these are just tacked on however so that I can remove them and have a plain pink round gown should I need/want one.

The Challenge: #14: Eastern Influence - 1780 Robe a la Turque (under gown only, hoping to finish the over gown for the "separates" challenge!)

Fabric: Pink and aqua silk taffeta with linen lining.

Pattern: My basic 18th C body block made into a round gown with added cuffs.

Year: 1780

Notions: thread, hooks and bars, lace.

How historically accurate is it?  It's a copy of an 18th C  fashion plate, so stylistically fairly accurate, but most interior seams are machine sewn.

Hours to complete: About three weeks for the gown.

First worn: Will wear at Costume College in August.

Total cost: Hard to say, all the fabric and lace came from my stash.


  1. Yay! Can't wait to see the overgown!

    1. Thank you, here's hoping I finish it in time for coco!


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