Historical Sew Fortnightly #15: White - a late 18th Century Muff

I've always loved the HUGE fur muffs you see in late 18th C fashion plates like these:

We like big muffs and we cannot lie!
Even the gents had them!
This is a satirical print but you get the idea...

So when I found the perfect white faux fox fur in the LA garment district I knew I was meant to have one!  It's just a rectangle, sewed into a tube for both lining and fur.  Before sewing it into the tube I added a pocket just big enough for a cell phone in the lining of the muff.  I machine stitched one end right sides together, stuffed it with batting then hand sewed the other end shut. and voila!  One big honkin' muff!

Although I must admit, it's rather hard to see just how big it is in this picture.  It looks more like a giant tribble than the pillow-sized thing it really is.  You'll just have to trust me when I say it's big and wait for the pics from Costume College...

The Challenge: #15: White - A late 18th C Muff

Fabric: White fake fox fur, red silk taffeta

Pattern: a rectangle!

Year: 1780s-1790s

Notions: thread, batting

How historically accurate is it?  Machine sewn, poly fiberfill and fake fur, so not very!  LOL!

Hours to complete: About 2

First worn: not yet.

Total cost: $20 for the faux fur and red silk taffeta came from my stash.